Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Posts, hosts.

If I were writing just for myself, I wouldn't write here right here
Maybe those nots, are what I'm hoping to channel - like the tv shit.
Literature for one, is for the heart, but not for a one heart,
for the all heart.
You'll maybe like it,
and just the same you could become a book burner.
Similarly, you could like it, and not become a book burner
you could just like it.
Like a kid

At first, I wrote "I feel like i hate what i wrote, just now.
Because again, why the hell did i write it."

Those feelings are still there, as is guilt
But if something is written,
it is
and that's because it was - i don't know, and that's just -
I realize now, that i like it.
I can now, like anything.

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