Friday, June 7, 2013


But you could make me scream and shout
while slowly drinking liquor
in your cable-knit of doubt.
And you could make me drop and fall,
all tumbled up until we hit the wall.

And while all this, tea collides in the kettle
so simply enough to make my heart unsettle,
a quaint invitation to come and mettle,
here, now and again.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Third Party

The glass amber liquid,
like honey,
half melted, half dripped
out her eyes and down her cheeks
until it pooled into her mistaken collarbone,
where it began to strangle his throat
and envelop him entirely,
where it began diffusing into his pores
and cutting out his eyes -
seeping into his bloodstream,
and running like a new family of deer through his veins.
The blue that froze in his arteries,
was replaced with a liquid gold,
similar to that of cocaine and satisfaction.
The air he inspired was glacier,
the sentences he exhaled were green.
And even when he held his breath,
he could not stop the raspberries and lemons
from festering in his throat,
and dropping gently into the color of her hair.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The recycled wind chime is still spinning,
with this world.
And the exterior air conditioning unit is still spinning along with the low income scholarship program of Stanford.
The sun, however, is only synonymous with the fire in Springville, for they,
are thriving in this new warm filter of illumination,
and depressing all the residents of Colorado.
And even then, there's always the question of: Is the air what's causing cancer?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nature, is man-made, too, you know.

There's a faded tan, abandoned wife-beater to my right that might as well have been purposefully lost.
And a tree branch about to puncture my left kidney.
Mosquitos hovering, above the water that they know is theirs for only a moment more,
And 32 shooting star wildflowers that are facing down because the sun is about to as well.
And many fish, I'd assume, in the river in front of me that no one's taken the time to measure