Sunday, October 23, 2011

OLLS, and his balls

That there is me,
and this here is Oli.

Oli's a kid.
He goes to school,
and sews.
We still don't know why the hell he swims,
or how the hell he's so funny.
He's also really smart,
and has a lot of things to say that he can't fit into his usual "rape" vocabulary

Oh, and also we look exactly the same.
Even though my hair's gone, we still share body parts and thing thoughts

This is Olls balls,
I thought he was stealing all my friends.
Somewhere in the middle of him screaming "rape," probably,
I realized he was one of my best friends.
He's really one of the greatest i've ever had.
He's one of the most genuine people i've ever encountered,
and he will be for a very long time to come.

After high school we'll most likely go on missions, then maybe end up in different parts of the nation.
But don't doubt, we'll fly to Sandals periodically and wind up spooning in a hammock with two glasses and some bubbly - minus pants.
We won't loose contact, because neither of us would ever want that.
I won't forget this kid, eva, because well, i'd blow up, probably.
One day we'll be married,

to each other,

and that will be just swell.

Happy birthday, bay watch
I love you forevssssssnutz


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