Friday, May 20, 2011

Those few things, Dawg

"I feel that at some point almost all are able to reach this serenity, and for those who can't, I pity you. This peace, this utopia, can only come from the sub-conscious. It arrives once you've come to terms with yourself, and not before then. Others may influence for good or for bad. The good will applaud your psyche, they will stimulate your motivation. But be weary, these waves of pressure can push you negatively up a hill, a slippery ascent in which you're able to lose your footing quite easily. These are the things that haunt us, these are the things that want us. To avoid these contentious bastards, run away into a land of confidence."

Yesterday, I put music out of my mouth; i rather liked it, and so did the F*ckin Foxx

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