Saturday, April 14, 2012

everyones a thing to me

Why do we not entertain the idea of reading neutral news
There's not a popular novel around in which opinions are meshed, and the middle ground is prominent.
We are the constant, we are stability.
We are what is compared to, now.
The norm is not prioritized, because the appeal isn't there.
Where's an article written about a man and his average day?
We read about people winning prizes, and people being stabbed in the head,
but never do we read about a man getting ready for the day, newly out of his middle- class bed.
The most interesting thing about our sick fascination is that we aren't even out living these extremist
We're sitting at a wooden table over roast beef analyzing broad stupidity in a very justified tone.
Where the hell does our entitlement spawn?
We're the judge of a court that truly doesn't give a damn.

Sometimes we venture into the not-inside, but it's only for nine days in a hotel that serves you breakfast.
And it's only then, that we understand how much we depend on our nine to five's.
It's only then that we realize we want to be predictable.
It is only then that leaving vacation seems like more of a vacation than vacation.